Sitting is a negative exercise, worse than no exercise at all!

Make All of the Right Moves shows you the right combination of exercises to reduce or eliminate bodily pain, and keep your body parts working correctly.

Make All of the Right Moves

Brian Lambert's "Make All of the Right Moves", A collection of unique exercises, many, not found anywhere else. These exercises teach you how to use your body correctly. The book contains eight sections of exercises, plus 14 case studies that descibe people who resolved their pain problems using these exercises to help their bodies make all of the right moves:

  • Basic Low Back Exercises
  • Advanced Hip Exercises
  • Lower Extremity/Back Stretches
  • Neck and Posture Exercises
  • Advanced Abdominal Exercises
  • Upper Body Exercises
  • Foam Roller Exercises
  • Key Knee Exercises

Brian, a physical therapist with his own practice, ensures that each exercise is approached correctly for the maximum benefit and minimum pain. "Avoid Pain!" is the mantra for this book.

Regardless of your current athletic ability, Make All of the Right Moves provides a clear, comprehensive, professional guide to exercises that will improve your body for optimum mobility for life.


where to Buy the Book

Ragged Mountain Running Shop
Elliewood Avenue, Charlottesville
434 293-3367