Brian P. Lambert PT Home

At Brian P. Lambert P.T., we strive to treat our patients in as few visits as possible, to minimize time spent away from work and family.
    We use home exercises that are targeted to specific deficits.
    Exercises take 20 to 30 mintutes of your time each day.
     Biomechanical/anatomical relationships are explained in understandable terms.
     We use osteopathic manual techniques, to address specific mechanical problems as they are found.
These are summaries that depict real people who have had problems associated with the breakdown in the musculoskeletal system. Manual therapy and other pain relief modalities were used with each of the patients with the first two to three visits. Usually the final sessions were needed only to progress their exercise program. All of the patients were instructed to avoid pain with all of their activities, including their exercises.

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